11 Distinct Signs That Show A Man Is A Misogynist | Journey2Motivate

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  1. Watch out for guys who badmouth their mothers. When I think of the worst misogynists I know, these guys will refer to their mothers by the most vulgar of names, including sexually inappropriate names (that’s putting it mildly). I thought I had seen it all, but hearing men talk about their biological mothers this way is very foreign to me. When I was growing up, insulting someone’s mother was the same as challenging someone to a fight. As kids we never swore about, at, or in front of adults. I never realized the habit of speaking politely in front of my elders was so ingrained until I registered my surprise at hearing these two men, who don’t know each other, call their mothers horrible names. A mentor taught me that if a man has a poor relationship with his mother he will never have good relationships with any woman no matter his connection to her. I think he is right. Thanks, Caroleena, the Expert Escort

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