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God Will Always Be My Rock So Long As He Is Always In My Heart

God is the source of my strength. He is my hope that whatever will certainly be fine in the long run. Regardless of the amount of difficulties and also troubles life bestows upon me, I understand that He is constantly watching me and also safeguarding me.

He is always there to remind me as well as motivate me to not quit. To take one more opportunity. To take a leap of faith. To provide me the stamina I need to awaken in the early morning and try again. To be my light when whatever I see in front of me is darkness.

I rely on God. He will certainly constantly be there for me as long as I rely on Him. I trust his timing and all the lessons He has actually shown me and the ones that I still need to discover. I have faith in the course He has actually chosen for me as well as His guidance to obtain me there.

I count on His forgiveness. I count on His miracles. Because whenever I will lose my belief and quit, He existed to direct me toward the virtuous roadway and also honor me with His magnificent hand. As well as whenever I believed I was being punished for something which I didn’t deserve to be in the situation I was, He was assisting me by
launching me from the irons of a hazardous cycle.

Whenever I felt like I was passing away, God was bringing me back to life. He is my Hero. The resource of my tranquility and also happiness. In a globe where whatever adjustments immediately, He is my consistent. My safe place.

I know I can trust Him with all my body and soul due to the fact that He will certainly never ever let me down.

He will certainly constantly have my back as long as I lug Him in my heart.


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  1. Malinda says:

    đź’•Amenđź’•đź’– Thank you for these uplifting Words of truth and encouragementđź’•

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