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    Truly inspired me today! Thank you so much!

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  3. A Child of the Universe – By- Mike j Hughes
    ‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2014
    Humanity today is experiencing the ”wilderness” phase” , …and is walking in the dark . If we do not learn to trust , lay down weapons , share the worlds resources in a world of plenty, ,- and further more,- let not our political and national racial pride be spoiled by greed , lies , and terrible conflicts get in and ruin it all for those working for a better world ,- only then will humanity have a Great World Civilization based on right human relationships.
    To many these are pipe-dreams embellished by the astral imagination of those who wander in dreams and do nothing to bring it into reality.
    A new and great event is on the horizon friends. Humanity is coming of age , and must put it’s war toys back to the ”Romper Room” toy box and learn to work with each other that is practical, fair to all, because If we can be rid of fanatical and intolerable ideologies ,- then we all have a chance to take one more step into our relationship with God and the innermost Titan dwelling within us all.
    We are about to step through the ”Doors” that lead us through , and into the presence of Titans .
    Humanity has reach a high state of development,-although his warlike nature is preventing ”’disclosure”,- until we have all come of age.
    Religious s wars always been the oldest of human vice, and through rigorous, training , contemplation, and a heart felt loving compassion to unite as one organism with each member,
    doing their part to precipitate mans highest aspiration, and to anchor them here on Earth.
    It is the ”inner Divinity”,- or God within oneself, that must be allowed to manifest through our humanity. It is from within oneself where The Kingdom of God must one day flower forth with amazing and Divine Beauty such as never seen before.
    It is from deep within each and every human being where the ”Divine Lotus” Slowly unfolds one petal at a time ,.. revealing the ”Inner Diamond” of Light” . As we begin to decentralize ourselves from the earthly ego, and really listen to the ”voice of the silence”,- thus rising and adapting to our Divine Nature,- , thus precipitating a new and higher value of Love, and the Brotherhood of man.
    Indeed knowledge is power. This is why some of the greatest mysteries of life must remain occult, –,or esoteric.
    There are many careless and unwise human beings who would use higher esoteric learning for very selfish reasons and would bring danger upon themselves , their surrounding fellow human beings, and their environment.
    Only those who have developed a fair measure of soul contact , and who are serving their fellow man with self-less love and wisdom can be trusted with real occult insight as to the working out of “The Plan” as it issues forth from that Great Center where the “will of God is known”, ;- Shamballa,- where the “Lord of the World” – Sanat Kumara has His dwelling on the highest of the etheric planes .
    Some day , when man has developed etheric vision, this Divine centre will be known and acknowledged .
    Stay in tune with your highest and most unselfish aspirations , and you will surly enter through the “Gates of Initiation”
    The World Teacher – Maitreya has said –
    “Take your Brothers need as the measure of your action , and solve the problems of the world”
    – Maitreya- The World Teacher-
    Links to other Esoteric Thought –

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