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  1. I am aware of the studies that link prayer with favorable outcomes. I am defining favorable as the achievement of the results the prayers (is this an appropriate word?) desired. I wonder if the studies are measuring the outcome correctly. I am not a statistician so I might, no I will probably, misuse terminology but try to see past my errors to my point. Ok, I wonder if prayer is not the source of power, or if the act of praying is an indicator of the true source of power. Maybe praying and/or having people pray for you is an indicator of being part of a support system. In your article you write of the need to have hope and faith. I believe people are more likely to have hope and faith if they have people in their lives who love them. I believe people who have support are more likely to pray. It is easier to believe God loves you if love is manifested in your world. Often abandonment by people leads to the conclusion that if there is a God, S/He has also abandoned you. Rejection can plant that root of bitterness the Bible writes of, and it can be almost anathema to pray to a God who seems to be no friend of yours. Similarly, studies show that people who do not know others are praying for them also have higher rates of favorable outcomes. I discovered people were praying for me without my knowledge when I was in prison and received a Christmas card from unknown Christians out of state who got my name off of a list. People who pray for you, often do things for you, and those things are encouraging. The Power of Prayer or the Power of Support? I feel certain support matters but I am not sure we have accurately measured the power of prayer while taking into account the level of support or isolation the person in distress is experiencing. Thank you, Caroleena, the expert escort

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